and I will get the other 1/3 of my life back. I coach ski jumping (the long-distance kind, not the flippy/spinny kind) and it’s a real stretch for me to make the time between work and kids. Aside from the time, it’s an added stress that I don’t really need. If the sport weren’t so rewarding to be involved in, I would never do it.

For the whole season, I’m obsessively watching the weather. Snow is good, but not too much. 100% of the maintenance is by hand, so a big storm means lots of work. Rain is bad, except when it’s not - the most recent rain took our soft, dry snow, and made it nice and firm without making it icy. I couldn’t believe it, because usually rain is just devastating to our conditions. A few years back, it looked like this just a few days before we were supposed to hold a competition:

Then a week later:

I’m glossing over the hours of work wherein we plowed up snow from a field, then used a big snowblower to send it partway down the hill and then spread it by hand; for the tower up top, we carried it up in buckets, spread and raked it out. 


Now it’s warm, which is bad because it’s soft and sticky. Imagine flying 100 feet through the air on 250cm skis and landing in slush. Nope. At least the hill looks a lot better:


Snow everywhere, and plenty of it! There’s actually more now than what shows in that pic above.

It looks like it will cool off in time for our next competition on Wednesday, which we’re hosting, and then our final meet is the following Thursday, which we’re also hosting. That’s a ton more work, right at the end of the season. But it will all be over soon....


Car included because.