New video from Danny MacAskill. On a related note, I built a little bike ramp for my kids this weekend.

It was the world’s simplest design, yet highly effective. Step 1: cut sheet of plywood into two pieces, about 2' x 5' and 2' x 3' and attach them together on their short ends with some old door hinges. Step 2: pile wood blocks under the middle to any height. Of course you can do this without hinges, but this way the plywood can’t slide off because of the hinge, and it obviously adjusts as you add or remove blocks. I can charge this ramp at speed and launch off it, but my 4-year-old can roll up and down it too.


I thought, who knows if the kids will even like it, but holy hell, I think combined they rolled it about 600 times yesterday, and that is not an exaggeration. It took about 15 seconds a lap and they did it for HOURS.

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That’s how it sat most of the time, just two blocks. I did stack four under there to see what it was like. The kids did NOT try it that way; it was totally fine, though, I hit it pretty hard but don’t love sending it to flat pavement. So I put it back the way it was.

They rode it for an hour and a half with some friends in the morning, had lunch, went back out, went in for a break, lasted about 20 minutes before going right back out... it was a wild success. It really brought me back to how I learned a lot of bike skills, just piling various wood scraps, blocks, logs, and rocks, and upping the level of challenge. I had fun with this stuff too, of course; I tried putting the longest block (about 6' by 4" x 10") on its short edge and riding across the top - which I did successfully on my FIRST try (!), but couldn’t replicate.


I hope this is the beginning of many fun years of biking with the kids. It’s off to a very good start, considering they only learned to ride by themselves mid-summer last year.

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