This wall of rain was really something to behold. But can we talk about like, mixing some cold air in there so this kind of moisture can come as snow, instead of TWO INCHES OF RAIN IN JANUARY?

That said, our snow held up surprisingly well. We didn’t lose that much, and since it was below freezing overnight, the snow is already turning back to granular/dry stuff, if not light and fluffy.

However, I didn’t need this yesterday:

What you’re looking at is a sliding door for our walk-out basement, which is naturally the lowest point around. It has great drainage that works well... when everything isn’t completely frozen. The sketchy-looking battery and charger hookup there is running a 12V marine bilge pump that’s pumping water out of the low area in front of the door, keeping more water from getting in. All in all, only the area you can really see in the picture got wet, which is good because it’s unfinished - can you tell? - while the rest of the basement has a Pergo floor that would probably not like having a pond under/over it.


I totally hodgepodged together this wiring with whatever I could find in a hurry, because water was coming in at an increasing rate while I fiddled with wire connectors and such. I did put in a circuit breaker, though! Since I have my boat batteries stored in the basement, I just used one of those and hooked up the charger to keep it topped off. Overall, it’s not nearly as dangerous as it looks. And it worked!

Many of our friends were not so lucky. Many, many flooded basements.


Separately, I went to plow and shovel the roof of a family house, but as my father’s truck pukes coolant we borrowed this beast from a friend:


It’s a 2002 F-350 with a 6.7L diesel, 9' Fisher HD plow, dually rear end, and a 6-speed MANUAL TRANSMISSION. It’s also setup like a municipal truck with three big hydraulic levers and a dedicated pump, so the plow moves FAST (two levers for the plow, the third runs the dump bed). This thing was perfect for pushing around 8-12" of snow and water mixed together. It takes serious coordination to plow smoothly. I loved it.

And finally, the view from my office this morning (below):



That’s umm, supposed to be a road. This happens a lot. In fact, it happened almost exactly a year ago and I wrote about it here.


Happy Friday!!