Not content to let our week at the lake go quietly, we spent the day there yesterday, too. Our plan was to go out with a friend for lunch at the island where she lives, or maybe in the boat. Then go to a beach, then home for dinner. Instead, we picked her up at 11:15 and went to another island, where we stayed... until 6:00pm. We ate and drank nearly everything we brought with us, but it was a beautiful, perfect day and none of us wanted to leave. The kids had a fantastic time exploring the island(s), and it was just... perfection. It was probably 82 with moderate humidity and almost zero wind. Warm enough to swim but not so hot that you were uncomfortable being dry. Water in the mid- 70's. And the spot we went to....

Easily the most beautiful spot on the lake.


While we were there, a Board of Trustees Meeting took place:

Not kidding, that’s what’s happening on that island. 5 people convened to discuss business matters relating to the shared ownership of this island and the trust that holds it. Shoes were not allowed to be worn at the meeting and it was required to get a beer out of that white cooler on the rocks before attending.

I swear I’m not making that up.


My sister didn’t make the 11:15 train, so she came out in our father’s boat:


(there was sunscreen on my lens) It’s a 1958 Thompson.


Needless to say, the kids fell asleep instantly in their beds at home. My wife and I weren’t far behind. It was a truly perfect day. 

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